Intranet Manager

The Intranet Manager is responsible for day-to-day operation and management of the company intranet. This person is responsible for maintaining the visual design, site navigation and site content. They are also responsible for coordinating key stakeholders, engaging and training users, and monitoring the health of the underlying technology.

Primary responsibilities

– Maintain a sound site navigation (information architecture)-

– Manage the homepage to maintain a proper balance of content and tools

– Oversee authoring and proper use of online channels for official company news

– Lead projects to improve sections of the intranet or deliver new tools through the intranet

– Monitor user-generated content for appropriateness

– Monitor site analytics and report on key performance indicators (KPIs)

– Ensure proper coordination between the IT Department and intranet software vendors

– Liaise with the IT Department and software vendors on technical questions of implementation and upgrades

– Manage common administrative tasks in the intranet software, or liaise with IT staff around those tasks

– Work closely with key stakeholders to understand their needs and involve them in planning and problem solving (including Communications, IT, HR, Risk and Legal, as well as executives and administrative staff)

– Coordinate the efforts of central content owners

– Communicate actively with all main stakeholder and user groups

– Support intranet group owners in maintaining active communities

– Provide introductions and training to users of all different levels (including average users, content owners, news authors, group owners)

Qualifications & skills

– Basic understanding of the components of common web technology (HTML, CSS, Javascript)

– Excellent verbal & written communication skills

– Excellent organizational and project coordination skills

– Excellent interpersonal skills

– Ability to handle sensitive and confidential situations with diplomacy

– Highly experienced with Office applications, including word-processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software

– High level of comfort with social software and other web-based technologies

More on hiring an intranet manager

What matters more than the qualifications above is the personality and character of new Intranet Manager. If you are 1) smart and thoughtful, 2) a good learner, 3) inclusive and good at listening, and 4) well organized, you are likely to be very successful in this role.

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